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Not suitable for beginners or anyone with an injury, we recommend you have a strong experience of Pilates before attending. Based on the Reformer, but more intense than the standard Reformer class. Using more resistance and reps you will concentrate on strength, power and precision. Using the Jump Board we use plyometrics principles to help build speed and power while improving balance and coordination.


Just like our standard Reformer class, our Fitness Reformer Class targets both large and small muscle groups but with that little bit of extra burn you’ll shed more fat meaning even more bang for your buck.


With increased repetition and more dynamic movements you’ll not only work every muscle in your body but also get your cardio fix.


Once your muscles are worked to fatigue prepare to strengthen and stretch to give you long, lean and toned limbs. By correcting posture in your back and shoulders you’ll literally be walking taller.

Please attend at least 3 basics classes before booking this class.

Special Instructions