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Living Yoga FUNdamentals Workshop
Dec 13, 2020 - Dec 13, 2020

with Joneil Adriano

This monthly workshop will provide you with the building blocks for a lifelong yoga practice.

It is designed for those who are curious about yoga or are new to the studio, as well experienced students who want to fine tune their technique and alignment in preparation for more advanced poses.

We will review basic yoga history, philosophy and terminology. We will also break down common breathing exercises (pranayama) and yoga poses (asanas) encountered in many of our classes.

The highlight is an Asana Clinic where we will analyze the main poses -- working through different variations, and learning how to make them more accessible using props to support your body and practice. Bring your questions and a list of problem asanas you would like to work on.

Living Yoga FUNdamentals is free for Members and New Students.

Dec 13, 2020
2:00 - 4:00pm