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Your Bump and Body
Mar 10, 2019 - Apr 7, 2019

In this 3-part workshop series we will work to foster connection to and compassion for our bodies and their capabilities. Learn specific tools and strategies to support you in your pregnancy comfort, facilitate your birth experience and guide you towards resources for optimizing your postpartum recovery. We will talk, move and have the opportunity to address fears and concerns amongst a community of supportive women. This series is designed for expectant mamas in all stages of pregnancy! Come to individual workshops ($40/session) or save 20% if you attend all three ($90 for all three.)

Final Session: Sunday, April 7th, 3-5pm ~ Pain Science 101 for Birth

You will learn about:

- The impact of fear in childbirth and strategies to optimize feelings of safety

- The neurophysiology of pain and how this shows up in childbirth

- The importance of building a diverse labor toolbox

- Some pain management strategies and comfort measures to get you started

Partners may attend this session for half price. Please email to reserve their spot.

The other two sessions were about...

March 10th: Pelvic Health in Pregnancy: Making connections and optimizing comfort

- What our deep core system is (structure and function)

- How our core changes in pregnancy

- How this contributes to common aches and pains that we experience during pregnancy

- Strategies for alleviating discomfort in pregnancy and optimizing recovery

March 24th: Pelvic Health in Childbirth: Functional movement for working with your baby

- Strategies for preparing the pelvic floor during late stage pregnancy

- Physiological changes that occur during the childbirth process: The hormone dance and how we can help it along

- Practicing movement: Connecting to your inner primate during 1st stage of labour

- Pelvic health considerations when it’s time to push

*Dress comfortably and be prepared for some dancing!*


Lara Desrosiers is a mother of two and owner of Pelvic Resilience, a private Occupational Therapy service with a passion for supporting women in pelvic health recovery at all stages of life including perinatal transitions. Lara is a mental health clinician and has jumped in wholeheartedly to the core and pelvic health world in her continuing education over the last couple of years. She was motivated to do so by her own pelvic health journey in which she saw a clear role for occupational therapy due to ALL of the ways that our pelvic health can affect our ability to engage in our day to day lives, our relationships, and can be tied to our emotional wellness. Knowing our bodies, trusting our bodies, and being present in our bodies breeds resilience during times of transition and growth. Visit to learn more about Lara’s training and availability to provide individualized support.

Mar 10, 2019 - Apr 7, 2019
3:00 - 5:00pm