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Cuddle Puddle : A Platontic Intimacy Experience
Jun 28, 2024 - Jun 28, 2024
The Cuddle Puddle: A Platonic Intimacy Experience is a participatory, immersive, and facilitated workshop in which we create a nurturing container for safety, consent, and boundaries. The Cuddle Puddle was created: to help heal our community through a collaborative social happening, rooted in values of respect, vulnerability, and care. The importance of touch in our culture has been undervalued, and the lasting effects of social isolation is seen in the mental well-being of our communities. Together we will foster a warm, inviting, and healing environment for us to share in this unique event.
If you....
• want to connect with an inspiring community
• need a safe place to relax and rejuvenate
• desire physical contact with other people in a non-sexual way
• want to stretch out of your comfort zone
• often find yourself in the role of caretaker, but need a turn to be taken care of
• long to experience the benefits of nurturing and healing touch ....then this platonic touch workshop may be just what you have been looking for.
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Jun 28, 2024
7:00pm - 9:30pm MDT
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