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Cycle Syncing Workshop
Sep 10, 2022 - Sep 10, 2022

Are you cycle syncing? Did you know that PMS isn’t normal nor is PCOS or other symptoms of imbalanced and wounded hormone health? You do not need to suffer! Pain and discomfort are not “just part of being a woman.” You can heal your PMS by learning how to synchronize your cycle with your daily life and take control of your reproductive health.

There are 4 phases to your cycle:
- Folicular
- Ovulatory
- Luteal
- Menstrual

In the first half of your cycle an increase in estrogen levels leads to increased seratonin levels, prompting outward focus and caring for others. During the second half of the cycle, estrogen plummets, as does seratonin, resulting in more inward focus and self-care.

Cycle syncing is a way of tuning deeply into the language of your body and nourishing it based on where in these 4 phases you’re living from. By curating your diet and exercise, even your social and work life for what phase you’re in, you can get your cycle to work for you instead of against you.

In this workshop we will learn how to use food, exercise, even certain behaviors to optimize your cycle and balance hormones. Sofia will teach you how to calendarize your cycle and even color code it so you always use it as a compass for cycle syncing.

You will learn how to habitualize using this calendar and align your meals and workouts with intention, in a way that puts you in control of your cycle, not at the mercy of it.

This is life changing stuff! It is a tool that will not only make you feel better and more empowered around your reproductive health, it will also help your family members and the people close to you as you learn to plan your personal and work life in a way that “synchs” up with where you are in your cycle.

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Sep 10, 2022
1:00 - 3:00pm
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