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LIVE STUDIO Discover Age Reversing Essentrics with Liz Olson
Feb 11, 2023 - Mar 25, 2023
In this ESSENTRICS® workshop with Liz Olson, you will discover how to avoid rapid aging by choosing to develop and maintain a healthy level of fitness. Simply said it means to KEEP MOVING.

The movement in Essentrics is unique from other exercise programs because it involves every muscle and every joint. The result is maximum full body mobility, flexibility and strength….no matter your age.

Each week a new topic will be discussed regarding the benefits of Essentrics:
1. Strength and resiliency through increasing muscle mass
2. Avoiding premature cellular death
3. Functional Fitness to make everyday living easier
4. Weight loss through increasing metabolic rate
5. Proper posture and alignment
6. Joint Health – arthritis prevention and pain relief
7. Boosting energy and the importance of breath

The actual exercise portion of the class (which follows the weekly discussion) is approximately 45 minutes long. Special emphasis is with ensuring proper technique and providing exercise modifications.

Class Size - This is a Live Studio Class, Max size is 8 people.

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Feb 4, 2023 - Mar 25, 2023
eOne Fitness
2:30pm - 3:30pm MDT
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