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The Magic Carpet Ride: Remembering Your Magic
Oct 15, 2023 - Oct 15, 2023
The Magic Carpet Ride event is an experiential journey that invites participants to explore their non-physical senses and soul gifts in a safe and supportive environment. Led by a skilled facilitator, this class guides individuals through a Mind Trip that helps them access a non-physical world where they can gain deeper insights into themselves and their connection to the universe.

The class starts with grounding and embodiment practices accompanied by breathwork that helps individuals connect with their bodies and establish a solid foundation for the journey ahead. From there, the facilitator guides participants through a playful and imaginative Mind Trip that takes them on a journey of self-discovery and exploration.

Central to the Magic Carpet Ride experience is the belief that all individuals possess innate soul gifts and the ability to use all of their senses in the non-physical world. Through this guided practice, participants can awaken these dormant gifts, learn how to use their intuition, and connect to their source and soul pieces.

During the Mind Trip, participants can access a range of non-physical experiences:

-Talk to loved ones and pets on the other side

-Access soul keys to unlock hidden gifts and ancient memories

-Remember gifts from other lifetimes and anchor and embody them

-Practice connecting to intuition

-Learn to connect to the physical senses and flexing the non physical ones

-Speak to your spirit guides or animal teachers

-Learning from the four directions

Throughout the experience, the facilitator creates a playful and supportive environment that encourages participants to flex their non-physical muscles and explore new possibilities. Whether someone is just starting out on their spiritual journey or has years of experience, the Magic Carpet Ride class promises to be a fun and enlightening experience that pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

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Oct 15, 2023
2:00pm - 3:30pm CDT
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