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How to Really Understand Someone Else's Point of View Seminar
Dec 14, 2019 - Dec 14, 2019

What if you knew about 11 New Ways to look at your relationships that could either add peace & harmony in your life or put an end to the hurt & pain inside? Join Life and Business Coach Jeremiah Rangel during this recorded live seminar and he’ll teach you transformational secrets elite mental coaches and spiritual mystics are using to create massive positive change!


Jeremiah will go into detail and show you new perspectives in the following ways:


  • 1st Position

  • 2nd Position

  • 3rd Position

  • 4th Position

  • 5th Position



  • Associated

  • Dis-associated

  • Dissociated



  • Physical Eyes

  • Mind’s Eye & Third Eye

  • Insights



Don’t miss out on what could help you save or, if needed, end a relationship that could greatly impact the rest of your life!


Dec 14, 2019
12:00 - 3:00pm
3 Sessions
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New Year's 2020 Wealth & Spirituality
Jan 3, 2020 - Jan 5, 2020

Show me your friends and I'll show you your future.


Start the New Decade strong and fresh by connecting with solid friends, an active community, and personal resources to propel you towards achieving all of your future goals! This is a once-a-year retreat opportunity that dives deep into the crucial elements you need to build the next level of your self.


Leave the Wealth & Spirituality Retreat with a clear path to guide your life in these four areas:


Are you able to connect to your higher self or Divine in every moment? Do you experience healthy flowing relationships in your everyday life? How would it feel to speak your truth in every conversation and no longer second guess yourself, because you are living from your heart?


Over the course of three days, we will dive deep into trusting your Self and strengthening the bond between you and your Divine Flow in life.


Are you ready to:

- Read cues and understand the communication from the universe.

- Connect to your heart center especially the times when you need it most.

- Upgrade your relationship with your Higher Self, Future Self, and Everyday Self.

- Participate in Eastern Esoteric Mukthi Process for Spiritual Awakening Accelerating and the Wealth Process; brought to you from our intensive training in India over a period of 10 years.



Are you dreaming big, but not taking enough action or getting the results you've wished you had? Let's talk about it. Do you try to force things to happen, ignoring the signs and feedback from the universe telling you to take a different direction? Let's dive in and upgrade your strategy. Financial Freedom doesn't happen automatically, it needs to be intentional, it needs to be nourished. Let us Dream Big and at the same time receive raw, honest feedback on how to get there.


We will personally guide you through the exact strategy Walt Disney used to create his imagined dreams transform them into a physical reality. Financial Freedom starts from a connected place inside. For those who are ready, this segment is bound to be insightful and inspirational and illuminating!



What blocks or obstacles have you allowed to stop you from creating the life you want? Perhaps you're not even consciously aware of them. Open up your mind to having them cleared & upgraded in a unique and supportive transformational environment.


How does the mind work? And how can you create a practice to direct your subconscious mind in a clear and precise way that will give you ongoing results?


- Learn the difference between the Conscious Mind, Unconscious Mind, Subconscious Mind and Collective Consciousness in a new way that will “click” for you.

- Create and bring home the “Captains Orders” program, which will redirect your Subconscious Mind to attract what you want in life.

o Ask clarity questions and get 1-1 advice on forming your personal Captains Orders.

o Already using this program? Receive professional guidance on how to advance your Captian's Orders to version 2.0 or 3.0!


Are you at peace living within your body? Is it functioning exactly the way you want it too? Are you in health or dis-ease? During this weekend retreat, there will be a special segment dedicated to answering your questions about getting your personally on track when it comes to your fitness and physical wellness.

Lead by Corrective Exercise specialists; Light-Moderate physical activity and movement will be optional for participants to learn a few corrective exercises to take and practice at home. One-on-One attention will be given to participants of this Retreat!


:: DATE & TIMES ::

January 3-5, 2020 | 10am-6pm Daily


- Three Days of insights and positive transformation

- Materials

- Daily Snacks, Filtered Water & Tea


Does this feel like exactly what you need in order to get clarity about your future? Invest 3 days towards mapping out your next decade and notice what a difference having a clear path makes. Reserve your spot TODAY!

Jan 3, 2020 - Jan 5, 2020
Fri, Sat, Sun
10:00 - 6:00pm