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Respect Yourself: Shifting Your Self-Image
Oct 21, 2017 - Oct 21, 2017

Is it time to take your life back from the mean voices that say you aren't enough?

This experiential workshop is a safe and supportive space to discover and play with more of your authentic goodness!

Learn practical skills to:

* Neutralize self-judgment and criticism
* Increase your Self -Confidence
* Stand up and OWN the unique and remarkable person you are!


Your facilitator: Sarah Karnes mentors women to skillfully navigate transitions, reclaim their mojo and change the world. Her studies with Feminine Presence keep her expanding into more authenticity, joyful expression and impact in the world. As the area Coordinator for The Way of the Heart trainings and creator of Your Self as your Friend workshops, Sarah's approach helps women realize their courage and confidence, thriving more through the changes life naturally brings.


Four-Part Series Includes:

  1. Five Secrets to Thriving Through Challenges with More Energy, Creativity and Ease

  2. Respect Yourself: Shifting Your Self-Image

  3. Parenting with Greater Love and More Sanity

  4. Growing Your Bottom Line for More Love and Happiness



Oct 21, 2017
2:00 - 4:30pm