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Embody Keys: An Overview and Practice with Sean Tebor
Sep 25, 2020 - Sep 25, 2020
The Embody Keys practice supports conscious embodiment through a deep return to human, functional, movement. The Keys are gateways through which we intuitively find complex variation and creativity in movement and awareness. We are reminded that, at our core, we already know how to move, breathe, reset, and revive. It is an experience that is, all at once, primal, elemental, wild, supple, and strong.
Sean will inspire and guide a weekend immersion into the Embody Keys practice and its four branches of content, as well as supporting a foundation of evolutionary practice. There will be space for Q&A throughout.
Friday, September 25th | 6-9pm ET
The Shape Keys: Moving Human Geometries
An overview and introduction to the function and practice of the Shape Keys - the primary gateways into movement and variation.
Saturday, September 26th | 11am-2pm ET
The Navigation Keys: Exploring the Fabric of our World
An overview and practice of the Navigation Keys - the secondary and simultaneous movements that exist within the Shapes that help us become more aware of our inner and outer world.
Saturday, September 26th | 3-6pm ET
The Function Keys: The Qualities of Movement & Exploration
An overview and practice of the Function Keys - the primal qualities inherent in how we engage our environment, each other, and integrate ourselves into the fabric of energy and matter.
Sunday, September 27th | 11am-2pm ET
The Integration Keys: Embodied Awareness
An overview and introduction to the Integration Keys - meditations on, and integration of progressive levels of embodied awareness in a real-world practice.
Sunday, September 27th | 3-6pm ET
Blurring Lines: The Three Pillars of Practice
Discussion and practice in support of three baseline practices that are at the root of human movement and awakening through the ages of culture and evolution.

Suggested Reading: Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers

Zoom links will be emailed to enrollees the week before training. If you do not recieve yours by September 24, please email


Counts for 15 CEUs and/or one module towards your Johns Creek Yoga 300 RYT
Open to teachers and practitioners of all levels.

Sep 25, 2020
6:00 - 9:00pm
2 Sessions
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Yoga Nidra Teacher Training: Level I (RYT300) with Nick Atlas, PhD
Sep 26, 2020 - Sep 27, 2020

Yoga Nidra, or “dynamic sleep,” is a unique, trauma-sensitive approach to deep relaxation, meditation, and transformative dreamwork that can be practiced with little or no yogic experience, yet it encompasses the full breadth of yoga psychology and meditative insight. Yoga Nidra is typically delivered to a group by a trained instructor, though it may also be employed in a one-on-one setting (for example, in place of or as an adjunct to counseling, psychotherapy, energy work, etc.). Ultimately, it may become the foundation of your yoga practice and journey of self-discovery.

This comprehensive and nourishing, 12-hour teacher training certification course is 100% ONLINE and is open to participants of all levels and backgrounds--no prior experience is necessary.
The course includes 8 hours of live class time via ZOOM (4 hours x 2 days), as well as 4+ hours of at-home study and practice that you may complete on your own time.
The live sessions will include several opportunities to receive the immensely restorative, deep relaxation of Yoga Nidra, as well as breathwork practices, and integrative discussion/Q&A on the philosophy and evidenced-based research supporting Yoga Nidra, including how it relates to waking, sleeping, dreaming (e.g., lucid dreaming) and consciousness, working with trauma, releasing anxiety, alleviating insomnia, overcoming nightmares, etc.
The course will also explore strategies for working with students and clients in an online format, such that you may be able to begin offering private and group sessions immediately. Among our learning objectives are for you to:

• Receive a succinct yet adaptable method for delivering Yoga Nidra to diverse audiences.

• Explore ways to incorporate Yoga Nidra into yoga classes, schools, health care clinics, private practice, home/family life, online teaching, etc.

• Examine the theoretical and philosophical foundations of Yoga Nidra, including how it relates to counseling theory, psychology, yoga, mindfulness, Buddhism, etc., as well as evidenced-based research, trauma-informed approaches, and ethical concerns.

• Practice how to connect with yourself and others, foster empathy and develop clear boundaries, while instilling additional strategies for self-care, wellness and prevention.

• Develop tools for deepening your own practice, finding your voice, and speaking authentically from your heart.

• Learn to relax more deeply into the present moment, let go of your fears, revitalize yourself and tap into vast creative resources.

All participants will receive an electronic training manual and, upon fulfillment of all course requirements, a certificate of completion for Level I.
Yoga Alliance members are eligible to receive 12 hours of CE credit.
*Counts for 12 CE hours and can be counted as an elective in the Johns Creek Yoga RYS
Saturday/Sunday - 10am-12pm & 2pm-4pm
Full price for weekend $300

*** About the presenter:

Nick Atlas, PhD, E-RYT 500, YACEP, is the Director of Evolutionary Education®, and a lead trainer, coach, and consultant with twenty years experience in the healing and expressive arts. Dr. Nick is also an Instructor of Transpersonal Psychology at Atlantic University, and has traveled the world as a meditation teacher, dreamworker, psychedelic-integration specialist, visual artist, author, and musician. He is currently based in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts. /
Sep 26, 2020 - Sep 27, 2020
Sat, Sun
10:00 - 4:00pm
2 Sessions
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Creative Theming and Sequencing (RYT300)
Oct 3, 2020 - Oct 10, 2020

Artfully weaving a theme into asana classes can take them from ordinary to extraordinary, facilitating introspection, contemplation and transformation by encouraging Svadhyaya. Learn how to use languagin and sequencing skillfully to create full body, mind, and soul experiences in your classes. 

Topics covered will include:

Advanced Sequencing

Sequencing for Peak Pose

Elements of Theme Based Classes

Theme Weaving and the Power of Language

$300 Course will include practice, lecture, student teaching and collaboration

Friday 6-9PM

Saturday and Sunday 10AM-5PM

This training is part of our 300YTT, but is open to all. Required text: Nourishing the Teacher, 2nd Edition by Danny Arguetty

Eligible for 15 CEUs through Yoga Alliance

In light of the current pandemic, we have adapted this training to more safely deliver content. The 15 hours will be spread over two weekends with a hybrid in-person and on-line format as follows:

Thursday, October 1: 6:30pm to 9pm via Zoom

Saturday, October 3: IN Person at Johns Creek Yoga: 10am-1pm/ Sunday, October 4: 12-4 via Zoom

Thursday, October 8: 6:30-9:00 via Zoom

Saturday, October 10: 10am-1pm at Johns Creek Yoga


Oct 3, 2020 - Oct 10, 2020
10:00 - 1:00pm