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Elemental Embodiment with Gina Minyard
Feb 13, 2020 - Feb 27, 2020

A 3-part Series at Johns Creek Yoga

Thursdays, February 13th, 20th & 27th, 6-8pm


Explore empowering alignment principles inspired by the qualities of the 5 Great Elements to more fully unfold your embodiment in this special series with Gina Minyard. All practices are progressively taught and appropriate for all levels.

February 6th -

Earth and Water: Stability and Fluidity

Find your ground and free your hips in standing poses and seated hip openers.

February 13th -

Fire and Air: Transformation and Expansion

Illumine your spine and tap your courageous vulnerability through core work, heart openers, and backbends.

February 20th -

Space: Limitless Possibilities

Explore freedom of body and mind through core work, twists, and inversions.



$75/full series


Feb 13, 2020 - Feb 27, 2020
6:00 - 8:00pm