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Kali Yuga Yoga
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Intention Through Stillness: Restorative Yoga & Healing Touch
Aug 30, 2019 - Aug 30, 2019

Join Stacey Caron and Kim Breese for this 2 hour workshop that will help you find stillness and tap into your body's intuitive message system through a restorative asana flow and guided meditation accompanied with healing touch. Healing touch is an integrative medicine therepy that uses light touch over the body to support relaxation and self-healing. Kim is a Healing Touch Certified Practioner that will be joining Stacey in providing adjustments and touch while Stacey guides you through asana and meditation. By the end of the evening you will come away feeling relaxed, more in tune with your body and fully focused on your heart's desires. 

Aug 30, 2019
6:30 - 8:30pm