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Drawing 102 - Drawing in Color with Emma Bradford
Feb 17, 2020 - Mar 2, 2020

$130 - 4 Part Series, including DRAWING ALL LEVELS Class (This includes an informational packet that can be referenced in your personal practice!) Class Fee $100 / Materials Fee $30

$55 - Single Class // Class Fee $50 / Materials Fee $5

Curious about painting or color theory? This is a great class to explore some basic techniques with little pressure. For those who have had some experience with drawing, this is a great class to expand in their mark making, values & also color theory. We will be working with oil pastel, a wonderful medium that is forgiving while also has the ability to create complex colors and beautiful marks.

In this series, you will review drawing from life, utilizing a grid for drawing from an photo reference and/or adding value and marks to create form. Throughout we will review Elements of Art as well as Principles of Design In the last class, you can apply your favorite technique while receiving guidance and advice as needed. Below is the schedule for those interested in specific areas of this series.

Day 1 - Review drawing techniques for contour lines & create studies of drawing focused on value & form; Draw contour lines for final piece

Day 2 - Intro to color theory with oil pastels/colored pencils & practice with marks to enhance form and interest. Begin drawing in color on final piece

Day 3 - Working on final drawing with oil pastels/colored pencils

This class requires at least 3 registrants to make. If it does not make, we will adjust the time to reflect a private/semi private lesson option or you can choose a full refund.

Feb 17, 2020 - Mar 2, 2020
1:00 - 3:00pm