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BEGIN: LYW Beginner YOGA Series
Apr 6, 2023 - Apr 27, 2023

Learn the foundations of the Yoga practice.

You are invited to BEGIN your individual wellness journey at Longview Yoga Wellness. LYW's beginner series will be led by Rachel Workman who is an E- RYT500 and Registered Yoga Medicine Therapuetic Specialist. Rachel has had over 12 years of experience in guiding students to use the yoga practice to improve their health and wellness.





Learn what sets the yoga practice aside from traditional exercise.

The LYW Beginner Series will introduce you to some of the traditional concepts of the yoga philosphy that set the physical practice apart from the way we approach traditional western exercise.



Strengthen awareness around your breath.

Learn how to use your attention to locate your breath in the body and techniques that help you regulate your breathing.


Feel confident in Key Poses.

You will be introduced to and learn how to execute key poses properly that will give you confidence to enter any group class.


BEGIN schedule

Thursday April 6/5:30pm

Thursday April 13/5:30pm

Thursday April 20/5:30pm

Thursday April 27/5:30pm

Each week will be followed up with a RECAP email that gives you a reference to what you learned so that you may continue to integrate your new knowledge into your yoga practice.


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Apr 6, 2023 - Apr 27, 2023
5:30pm - 6:45pm CDT
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