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Mornington Winter Day Retreat
Jul 2, 2022 - Jul 2, 2022
This is a day retreat for you to reconnect, rest and recharge.
When: 10 am - 6 pm
Date: 2nd July 2021
Where: Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs
Group size: We are hosting an intimate group event of <12 guests
Investment: $395 (OMMM members) or $425 (non-members)
Bathing in the hot springs | Private lunch | Soul Cleansing activities | Sound Meditation | Reiki
Join Sally Kellett and Jaçlyn Keoh for full day of soul cleansing mindfulness, thermal bathing, Sound Meditation and Reiki.
Together, we'll be using the four elements of water, wind, air and fire to emerge out of winter cleansed and renewed. This full day retreat helps us sink deeper into our meditation practice to release stress, live more in flow so we can experience more freedom and lightness in our lives.
If you are looking to release stagnant energy and in need of deep healing, this retreat is curated for you. Our last retreat together was sold out and was rated as one of the best retreats. We cannot wait to share more of these with you.
Meet us at 10 am at the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs Sensory Dome where we’ll spend the day doing a big soul cleanse and incorporate mindful activities of bathing in the hot springs, enjoying a delicious lunch, Sound Meditation, fire ceremony, Reiki and supportive community circle.
Hot spring bathing helps blood circulation and cell oxygenation, improving our body's digestive and detoxifying capabilities. The magnesium and potassium in the water help promote healthy skin and the boron helps build muscle mass, strengthen bones, and increases brain activity.
What’s included:
- Guided Sound meditation by Sally Kellett with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls
- A healing and soul cleansing community circle for us to release our stagnant energy
- Reiki healing by Jaçlyn Keoh, our in-house Reiki Master
- Your all-day bathing pass at the Peninsula Hot Springs (we have alternatives available if you do not wish to bathe)
- Beautiful group lunch to meet like-minded individuals
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Jul 2, 2022
10:00 - 6:00pm
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