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Aerial Dance Level 2 - Performance Series
Mar 7, 2020 - Mar 28, 2020

This four-week workshop series will bring Aerial Dance choreography to life in a public performance at Om Factory’s Spring 2020 Student Showcase Celebration on Saturday April 4.

Amanda will spend the first few weeks teaching awesome and fun choreography and setting it to music, before taking the final week to get you performance ready! Expect to spend a lot of time working on smoothing out transitions both inside and outside of the hammock and the ways to move from floor work to the hammock seamlessly.

Participation in the final performance on Saturday April 4 is highly encouraged, but not required. There will be a dress rehearsal ahead of the performance on the afternoon of April 4th.


About the Instructor:

Amanda McDonald has been doing yoga since 1999 and aerial since 2007. She has been teaching full time since she graduated OFSY's 200-Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training in 2011. She is a co-creator of OFSY's Aerial Yoga Teacher Training curriculum and continues to teach Aerial Yoga and lead trainings at Om Factory. With a background in theatre, she has keen eye and years of experience working with students on advanced tricks and choreography and is so excited to work with students in this performance series.

Mar 7, 2020 - Mar 28, 2020
7:15 - 8:30pm