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Bring Your Whole Self to the Party! The Science and Spirit of Meditation
Jul 28, 2019 - Jul 28, 2019

When we bring knowledge, breath, and conscious awareness to the subtle and energetic bodies, we integrate mind and body and gain greater access to our whole selves. The outcome is more energy, more creativity and more flow. Everything gets easier.

In this experiential workshop, you will learn to work with the vast and potent field of energy that is you. The afternoon includes breath work, the science of meditation, spiritual wisdom, universal principles, and guided meditation.
Meditation is a powerful way to support ourselves to be ourselves. When we come together in the intentional community of a workshop, we generate a meditative field that encourages and enhances our practice. The support grows exponentially.
Elizabeth shares the wisdom of her practice and the insights of her teachers to offer a unique meditative experience. Whether you are a long-time practitioner, wanting to start a practice, or a skeptic, this workshop is for you.
Elizabeth Philipose has been on a meditative path for fifteen years. She completed a four-year program in the frequency of meditation, and four levels of training in bioenergetics, breath work, and embodiment. She has a daily practice and retreats several times a year. Her style is unique, eclectic and highly attuned to subtle body energy; transcendent and embodied, spiritual and scientific, multidimensional and accessible. She offers knowledge that brings the mind into alignment with energy bodies and connects us to our authentic, masterful self. Besides teaching meditation, she has twenty years of classroom experience as an international politics professor.
Jul 28, 2019
1:00 - 3:00pm