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Tools for Emotional Well-Being with Tina
Mar 24, 2019 - Mar 24, 2019

Cost: $60 for series or $25 drop-in
Ages: 17 or older*
*for teens please see our How to Manage Anxiety & Stress workshop on 3/3!*

Each week we will emphasize certain topics for a more in-depth look at the tools available for emotional well-being. Weekly schedule is:

Day 1 topics (3/17): Breathwork, Mantras, Intro to Meditation
Day 2 topics (3/24): Yoga (no experience necessary), Aromatherapy, more meditation
Day 3 topics (3/31): More breath work, discussion on alternative coping tools, resources for more info, restorative yoga practice, discussion on daily routine


Are you experiencing feelings of unease, anxiety, stress or sadness?

More and more people are enduring some or all of these symptoms. At a
certain time in my life, I developed a debilitating case of depression coupled
with anxiety. My mind raced constantly causing me to be unable to sleep
despite being mentally and physically exhausted. I felt as if I had a permanent
blockage in my chest preventing me from taking a full breath. I began to feel
hopeless and started to have serious harmful thoughts. I felt this way for the
next two years. Day in and day out.

As a nurse, I was able to recognize that I was experiencing anxiety and
depression but could not find anything that was helpful to ease my burden.
Then I found yoga.

Shortly after beginning asana practice I began to feel better. It did not
happen overnight, but the tightness in my chest began to loosen. For the first
time in years I was able to breathe and for the first time in my life I began to
really know my body and explore the connection it has with my breath and my
mind. In short, yoga saved my life.

Now I want to offer you some of the tools that helped me on my journey.
In this workshop, you will discover how certain yoga poses can help bring you
a feeling of ease. You will receive meditation and breathing practices that you
can utilize for healing. We will discuss other tools beneficial for bringing a
sense of peace and calmness to your day. You will leave the class feeling less
alone and less fearful and more empowered, connected and seen.

Mar 24, 2019
3:00 - 5:00pm