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The Magic & Art of Transformational Yoga Sequencing
Apr 27, 2024 - Apr 28, 2024
Need help developing meaningful, authentic, and effective yoga sequences? The Magic & Art of Yoga Sequencing course will arm you with the knowledge, inspiration, and technique you need to generate fresh, safe sequences that represent your voice and vision as a teacher.

The question of yoga sequencing is one each teacher faces when designing yoga classes to be safe, sustainable, and transformational. Why this posture first, then that one? How might the asanas be best ordered? What are the functional and energetic relationships among postures, and how do those relationships change when postures are arranged differently? What are the effects of pranayama practices at different points in a class? This workshop is beneficial to all yoga teachers and practitioners who desire to design and develop a Yoga Flow practice that captures their unique style and spirit.

This yoga teacher training workshop considers:

  • Optimal Sequencing for physical safety and comfort for all levels and abilities of students
  • Seamless Sequencing for optimal energetic benefits
  • Beyond the Asanas: How to sequence for contemplative and energetic themes
  • Transformational Space: creating space for transformation within yourself and your students

We will look closely at the interrelations of asanas within and between asana families to appreciate how they affect one another during the course of a class. Working in small groups, you design a variety of classes for different students, conditions, and intentions, and work as one large collaborative group to refine these class designs.

This course is right for you if:

  • You want the essential techniques for every posture group, including how to prepare for and conclude each posture category.
  • You need the tools to develop safe, effective sequencing that represents your voice and builds your student-base.
  • You want to gain confidence creating mixed level yoga classes while meeting the needs of beginners and experienced students.
  • You crave the support, inspiration, and knowledge that will allow you to teach effective, authentic and purposeful yoga classes.
  • You desire to have your practices allow students to turn inward, create space and freedom, and let go of mental/emotional/physical tension.

Weekend Schedule

Saturday 8-5pm
Sunday 8-5pm
Lunch breaks given 12-1pm

CEC Breakout of Hours

  • Techniques, Training & Practice (TTP): 8 hours
  • Teaching Methodology (TM): 6 hours
  • Anatomy & Physiology (AP): 4 hours
  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics (YPLE): 3 hours
  • TOTAL HOURS: 21.00

Investment Self: $225



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Apr 27, 2024 - Apr 28, 2024
Sat, Sun
8:00am - 5:00pm CDT
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