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Postnatal Yoga with Baby 3-week Yoga Series
Dec 1, 2023 - Dec 15, 2023
Join us for a 3-week journey into yoga-after-baby. For primary caregivers and infants (up to active crawling), our Postnatal Yoga Series is an invitation to connect with yourself and your baby as you navigate these first few months together. Awareness of breath, gentle movements, pelvic floor and core strengthening, and shoulder openings are integral in each class. Postnatal Yoga is definitely a unique class, following its own special rhythm with the babies’ needs; feeding, changing diapers and crying is all expected and inevitable! More than a physical exercise, this is a time to move your body, engage with your little one, and enjoy the community of others in a new way.
A special time set aside for you to bond with your baby in a welcoming, fun environment.
Come as you are. Never competitive; always enlightening.
Preregistration is required. Due to a long waiting list we do not allow drop ins or substitutions.
Ages: Newborns to crawlers
Sliding Scale Pricing: $50/$60/$70 for 3 week series
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Dec 1, 2023 - Dec 15, 2023
11:00am - 12:30pm PDT
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Sankalpa: Greeting the New Year with Intention and Community - A Source Yoga half day retreat with Tiffany Speir
Jan 14, 2024 - Jan 14, 2024

Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word for vow, or resolve. It is an intention that is drawn from our connection to our highest truth. While our energy for typical New Years Resolutions tend to dissipate within a few weeks or months, a Sankalpa is drawn from a deeper place of connection to who we really are and who we feel called to be.

With the joy of being in community, explore setting a Sankalpa for your New Year with mindfulness and intention. In this special off-site half day retreat, we will enjoy an energizing Yoga Flow practice (Level 1-2), Satsang (instruction/exploration/conversation) about universal world views and intention setting for the new year, a deeply restful Yoga Nidra practice, and time to connect with a supportive community.

Join Source Yoga teacher Tiffany Speir at the Fircrest Community Center to begin 2024 with intention and community.

Date: Sunday, January 14th, 2024

Time: 9:30am-12:30pm

Location: Fircrest Community Center - 555 Contra Costa Ave, Fircrest, WA 98466

Cost: Sliding Scale ($60/$75/$90)

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Jan 14, 2024
9:30am - 12:30pm PDT
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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) ONLINE 8-Week Series + One Day Retreat (in person) Virtual
Jan 16, 2024 - Mar 5, 2024

Discover your inner resources for health, healing, stress resiliency, and self-care through this thoroughly researched and well-respected Stress Reduction Program created by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.

This program is designed for those experiencing a variety of issues including chronic pain, illness, and other stress related issues, and/or an interest in self-care and proactive well-being. Practices will be accessible and adaptable.



· Mobilize inner stress resiliency, gain tools to handle both internal and external stress.

· Understand the connection between mind and body in relation to stress.

· Access a deeper experience of ease, peace of mind, and self-compassion.


What to expect:

<ul type="disc"> <ul type="disc"> <li class="x_MsoListParagraph">An online format, so you can participate from the comfort of your home</li> <li class="x_MsoListParagraph">Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation and gentle mindful movement</li> <li class="x_MsoListParagraph">Mindful group discussion</li> <li class="x_MsoListParagraph">Home practice assignments</li> <li class="x_MsoListParagraph">Required one day in person silent retreat February 24th, 12-6pm (at the Source Yoga studio)</li> </ul> </ul>

Please note that participation in this series is not recommended for those dealing with acute, untreated mental health issues. Please discuss your participation with Erin Joosse if you have a question about if the program is right for you. Upon registration, you will be sent an intake form. 

Beginners are welcome; open to all levels and physical ability.

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Jan 16, 2024 - Mar 5, 2024
6:00pm - 8:30pm PDT
Feb 24, 2024
12:00pm - 6:00pm PDT
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The Gift of Kalyāna-Mitta (Spiritual Friendship) Late Winter Retreat to Harmony Hill with Erin Joosse
Feb 29, 2024 - Mar 3, 2024

You are not alone...

Kalyāna-mitta is a Pali term and Buddhist concept of which means spiritual friendship, or admirable friendship. Within the Pali Canon (the first recorded teachings of the Buddha), one of the followers/disciples of the Buddha comments that spiritual friendship is half of the spiritual life. The Buddha corrects him, declaring “No! Kalyāna-mitta is the whole of the spiritual life.”

It is through friendships with those that are also on a path of the development of wisdom, compassion, and mindfulness, that those qualities deepen and develop in ourselves.

We are not on that path alone.

During this retreat weekend, explore both settling into yourself and into community with care and support. In our yoga and mindfulness practices, explore grounding and steadiness that you can take with you into your connection to others. Explore optional practices in pairs and small groups to deepen our ability to stay connected to ourselves while in communication with others.

Please note: This is our last retreat with Harmony Hill under current management. Our future retreats here are uncertain. Let’s gather in community and honor this life-giving center, the land, and all of the heartfelt goodness that has been created in these spaces. To ensure spacing for all that want to join, single rooms will be limited. Find a retreat friend that you would like to share a room with!

Your Weekend: Through a balance of scheduled and unscheduled time, guided yoga and meditation practices, time to rest, and be in nature, we will practice connecting with both self and others. We will begin our weekend Thursday at 4pm, and complete Sunday by early to mid-afternoon.

Mindful Yoga Practice: You will enjoy both active and restoring yoga classes in support of cultivating grounding and embodying wisdom. All classes will be at a basic and accessible level.

Mindfulness Meditation: You will be guided through a variety of mindfulness practices, including sitting, moving, and walking meditation. An optional morning and evening meditation will be offered, as well as meditation in our yoga classes.

Silence: We will begin each morning with silence until lunchtime but have time in the afternoons and evenings to explore deepening our awareness of ourselves within community.

Unplug: I will ask that you leave laptops and tablets at home and turn off your phone for the weekend. The opportunity to unplug for a full weekend is a rare treat, creating a fuller experience of spaciousness and inner quiet.

Harmony Hill: Harmony Hill is located on the Olympic Peninsula’s Hood Canal in Union, WA., less than 90 minutes from Tacoma. You will enjoy delicious vegetarian food, beautiful grounds and gardens, and lovely accommodations. Harmony Hill is the Pacific Northwest’s only retreat center offering complimentary life-giving retreats for people with cancer and their caregivers. Through your participation in this retreat the revenue generated will help to support these cancer programs.

Retreat Cost:

Single occupancy ~ $1125 ($250 reserves your spot)*

*Only 10 Single occupancy rooms available for this retreat

Double occupancy ~ $960 ($250 reserves your spot)** **Please email to communicate your roommate preference.

Final Payment Due: February 8th, 2024

Cancellation Policy: Refunds to studio account credit only after February 8th. No refunds after February 15th

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Feb 29, 2024 - Mar 3, 2024
Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
12:00pm - 12:00am PDT
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