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The ART of Asana: First Time: 12-1
Dec 23, 2018 - Dec 23, 2018

The co-founder of YoGoGirls and Yoga Outside the Lines, Debby Siegelhas combined energies with Drawn Studio & Southtown Yoga to bring you a combo yoga & art experience like none other - THE ART OF ASANA. This experience is limited to the first 18 yogis to sign up. (Link on Southtown's site soon.) You will leave with minimally 2 pieces of art (up to 12) and will later that day get a link to a Dropbox with at least 2 high res photos of you.

In groups of six, we'll begin by warming up the body in a 20 minute yoga class in Southtown's Studio A, and then head into Studio B to pose for one of six sketch artist groups. There will be six stations set up in the studio. You'll choose one location and stay there for your creation. Several artists will capture two various poses of you.

• Gesture:
Choose an asana that you can hold for 2 minutes for a gesture piece. This will be a rough sketch, capturing the energy of you.

• Render:
Next choose a yoga posture you can hold pretty well for up to 20 minutes. You will be allowed breaks but need to be able to replicate the posture easily. This will be a more refined charcoal rendering of you.

• Photos:
Debby Siegel will bring her camera to shoot images of you in the poses as well. You will receive 2 high resolution, edited photographs released for your usage.

Yogi investment: $23


Ryan Greis of Drawn Studio will be supplying 4 horse easels, 6 standard easels, drawing boards and folding chairs. You will select one of six spots in the spacious, well-lit yoga studio at Southtown (no shoes in the studio). First round, your yoga model will pose for a two-minute gesture piece. And then they'll select a pose that they can either easily hold for up to 20 minutes or one that they're comfortable holding for longer periods but may need a little break or two during.

Bring your medium / drawing supplies, paper & drawing tools.

Artist investment: $10

The schedule is as follows. Yogis will register for one of the three following one hour sessions that begin at noon and end at 2pm.

12n - 12:20p warm up class for first 6 yogis
12:25 - 12:50p First 6 pose, second 6 warm up
1p-1:20 2nd 6 pose, 3rd 6 warm up
1:25 - 1:50p 3rd 6 yogis pose
2pm - close, clean up.

You are a work of art! Now you'll have proof.

Dec 23, 2018
12:00 - 1:00pm