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Healing Collective Trauma: A Call to Spiritual Warriors
Nov 23, 2019 - Nov 24, 2019

Dancing with the Cannibal Giant:
Healing Collective Trauma & Reconnecting with Our Spiritual Source

A Workshop led by Sherri Mitchell Weh’na Ha’mu Kwasset
with restorative yoga from Sundew Studio

We have all been impacted by histories of violence. The oppressed, the oppressor, and the witness alike bear the wounds of our collective past. This two-day workshop will take participants on an intensive journey into Native American mythology and cosmology, as a means of healing our collective wounds and reconnecting with our spiritual source. Together, we will look at the psychic and spiritual wounds that we all share and learn how we can untangle their hold on our hearts and minds. Participants will be asked to look at the history that led to this traumatization and explore how it continues to impact their lives. We will also learn how to hold sacred space for one another while our trauma is present. In this process, we will learn that there is a safe space for us to occupy together, whole and intact. Then, we can begin the process of healing our divisions, so that we can go back and claim a new future for all living beings.

Sherri Mitchell Weh’na Ha’mu Kwasset is an Indigenous rights activist, spiritual teacher, and transformational change maker born and raised on the Penobscot Indian reservation (Penawahpskek). She speaks and teaches around the world on issues of Indigenous rights, environmental justice, and spiritual change. Her broad base of knowledge allows her to synthesize many subjects into a cohesive whole, weaving together a multitude of complex issues and articulating them in a way that both satisfies the mind and heals the heart.

Nov 23, 2019 - Nov 24, 2019
Sat, Sun
9:00 - 5:00pm