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CPD Teaching Vinyasa Flow
Feb 28, 2025 - Feb 28, 2025

8 Hour CPD Teaching Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is a popular yoga method & is often the first form of yoga found by those who came to yoga through the gym. Like all yoga, it practiced with the breath as the guide, an oft forgotten but necessary component if it is to be called yoga at all.

Sequences of poses are linked together, generating heat, flexibility, strength, coordination & stamina.

We'll look at warm-up, Surya Namaskar variations, peak poses, themes & using the warmth we build, for the best outcome.

Important areas such as the method's accessibility to the many or the few will be carefully thought about. We will breakdown the classical transitions & consider modified transitions for increased accessibility & what to do with knees & shoulders, as well as how to language a class that moves on the breath, whilst demoing & observing the students.

This training immersion will be an experiential opportunity for you to find your own style of teaching for the clients who trust you already. As with all our trainings you will receive the support of your lead teacher whilst your skills are developing.

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Feb 28, 2025
9:15am - 5:15pm BST
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