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Movement Science Meets Asana (Online): A New Paradigm Virtual
Feb 26, 2022 - Feb 26, 2022

Are you finding that your students often struggle to do even the most basic poses in your classes? Or, if they’re able to do all the poses, do they complain of wrist, back or hip pain?

Unfortunately, most people are desk-bound and their only movement for the day is during yoga class, so their bodies aren’t well adapted for the large ranges of motion required. Conversely, many of our students who are able to practice all the poses are still in pain, because they aren’t balancing out their extreme ranges of motion with stability and strength.

If you’re struggling with helping your students become more embodied and want strategies to create a safer class environment, this workshop is for you.

This Yoga Deconstructed® workshop will teach you:
  • How to apply modern movement science to your yoga teaching.
  • How to bring functional movement into your classes, while still feeling like you are teaching yoga.
  • An exercise science-based approach to sequencing to prepare the body for movement and minimize the risk of pain and injury.
  • Understanding the components of a pose, such as directions of movement at each joint, loading principles, and biomechanics.
  • An introduction to taking an interdisciplinary approach to teaching yoga and how to add techniques from other modalities to your teaching toolbox.
Feb 26, 2022
11:00 - 2:00pm