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Deep Self discovery through the Yogic Koshas
Jul 25, 2021 - Jul 25, 2021


Yogis understood that we are not just our physical bodies. There is so much more to our existence than just the muscles, bones, flesh, blood and organs. In many sacred ancient texts like Taittiriya Upanishad, it elucidated the concept of Pañcha Kosha or the five layers or sheaths.


In this workshop, we'll explore the theory and practice of applying the tools of Yoga and reflecting on the contents of each of the Pañcha Koshas holistically and intuitively.


This workshop is ideal for those who are interested in understanding the practice of Yoga beyond āsana and are curious to learn more about the philosophy and intricacies of the practice.


Every quality of energy that makes up a human exists within these five sheaths, called the Pañcha Koshas. All the sheaths weave together to create one unified Being. As we progress in our practice, we successively pierce more subtle layers, ultimately penetrating to the source of our Being.


During this workshop, we will explore the koshas with special attention to Prāamaya Kosha. Prāamaya kosha consists of the Pañcha Vayus or five winds. These winds are easy to recognise as they manifest in the physical body, but they have a corresponding relationship to the subtle body. The Vayus makes possible all cellular function, fluid pulsation, all neuronal activity and metabolic activity.


Through Prāāyāma, we become intimate with Sukshma Sharira, our subtle body, and activate the strength of each Vayu. Due to stress, nervous tension, digestive disturbances, postural instability, the Vayus can become easily unbalanced.


You will learn specific Prāāyāma sequences for each Vayu. We are aiming at bringing all the Vayus into harmony and supporting us to thrive and blossom in life.



~ Explore the Pañcha Kosha roadmap to understand our spiritual development and growth better

~ Experiential learning

~ Prāāyāma (Breath)

~ Meditation (Dhyāna)

~ Chanting

~ Leave with a deeper understanding of Pañcha Koshas and a bag full of tools to fit the everchanging spectrum of life

~ Design a more profound, well-rounded and, most importantly, meaningful approach to your yoga practice

~ Leave with tangible practices to use at home

Jul 25, 2021
2:00 - 4:00pm