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AWP2 2023 In-Person Program Deposit
Jan 20, 2023 - Jan 20, 2023

Level 2 (15 months) continues the inquiry with a re-framing and a leveling up of the key life questions as a path toward becoming an Acharya (spiritual teacher). Women do a deep-dive into answering:

Who Am I Becoming?
How Do I Express My Dharma?
How Do I Become Bliss?

In Level 2 Vedic principles are examined in a more profound way + through the lineage teachings of Swami Kriplau. Three retreats are part of Level 2 and Acharya Initiation is given at the second retreat. Level 2 is about taking the knowledge and stepping into the role of a spiritual teacher. Level 2 currently does not offer an online option.


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Jan 20, 2023
6:00 - 9:00pm
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