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OPTIMIIIZE - Fitness | Nutrition | Health

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26 Reviews
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Jun 9, 2023

Private & motivating workout space! Two sessions in and both instructors were great. Strongly recommended.

Jun 4, 2023

Optimiiize is the BEST! I started going for regular workouts a year ago and I'm still excited to get to my training sessions and see the progress I'm making. Scott, Karina, and Max are friendly and professional trainers who make sure every workout is tailored to challenge me and ensure I make progress toward my goals. As a middle-aged woman, I am happy to feel myself staying strong and feeling confident.

May 27, 2023

I can’t say enough about Optimiiize and the space Scott has worked hard to create. The team of knowledgeable trainers provide a unique experience unlike any other - and you never have to wait for weights to be available! This boutique fitness experience has helped me go from zero movement in my day to day life to strength training 2-3 times per week.

May 17, 2023

First day back and wow! Hurts so good. Love the new set up and look forward to getting back into shape.

Apr 26, 2023

Loved my training session, Scott is very knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable will definitely be going back .

Apr 24, 2023

Scott spent the time to ensure exercises were adapted to my ability due to body aches.  The hour spent covered multiple exercises to strengthen my body.  
Caring and knowledgeable!

Mar 19, 2023

Optimiiize offers a unique fitness experience. The small setting allows for 1:1 attention from professional trainers, and the programs allow for progression and improvement.  Booking my sessions in advance creates accountability and a bespoke environment are among the many reasons why I keep coming back!

Feb 21, 2023

Great experience training with Scott. He was very personable and welcoming. Very informed and created a great session catered to my experience and needs!

Feb 7, 2023

I went to Scott for my severe ankle pain. His professional knowledge on mobility is excellent. He carefully analyzed what my issues were and helps with strengtening muscles needed for recovery. The facilities are clean and customized  plans for each session is worth gold. Massage therapy is great, too!

Feb 5, 2023

Very clean gym with great equipment. Trainers are fantastic and the personal training group model helps you to stay interested and motivated

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