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Jul 30, 2022

I totally enjoy myself love the class love the instructor thank you ,second class down many more to come,

Mar 20, 2020

Krista's virtual class today was terrific. Not only was it a good workout, but she adds her unique sense of humor which is also much needed during these times of change. I highly  recommend it!

Feb 13, 2020

Such a gem of a studio - personal attention, skilled instruction, upbeat crowd. Both the regulars and the newbies are happy to be here. Every time I leave feeling better than when I came in.

I've taken the intermediate/advanced mat class and the $5 community class. Both are excellent. Nice mix of classical sequences and fun variations/innovative use of props. Studio is clean, safe, and never too crowded.

Highly recommend!

Jan 22, 2020

When I first walked in to the studio for my intro class with Krista, I felt welcomed and at ease. She was personable, friendly, and answered all my questions. Walking into my first class I felt confident and that it was okay to have a learning curve. The other participants were nice and approachable. What I mostly appreciated was that everyone was from all ages, shapes and sizes. I'm looking forward to my next session!

Dec 21, 2019

I've been in Krista's beginner reformer classes for about 6 months now and am really enjoying it. I'm constantly amazed at how Krista creates the class flow and how it works all the muscles even though we're not doing the same things all the time. She's so energetic and fun to be around. It's never boring! I'm getting why people say Pilates is a game changer for one's back health and overall fitness. A wonderful studio with a great instructor!

Dec 16, 2019

My intro class with Sarah was perfect- she was really attentive, and made sure I was learning the movements as a first timer. I definitely felt it the next day! I’m excited to learn more and integrate Pilates into my exercise routine.

Dec 16, 2019

I really enjoyed Krista's pilates mat class. It was a challenging workout but she made it so much fun that I barely noticed that my muscles were twitching ;-). Krista is very knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. You can tell that her students really love her. I will definitely be back. Thank you!

Sep 26, 2019

I like to thank Annette for being attentive during my initial intro session.  It's good to know that good ppl insuring their clients get a better understanding of what Pilates is for the unlearned. The studio is very clean a little stuffy, but open to various types of setups for conditioning.

Wm Speight

New Haven Pilates response

thank you

Sep 26, 2019

Great experience with Annette she shared the aspects of what Pilates Reformer does for the recovery of my injury.
Wm Speight

New Haven Pilates response

thank you

Aug 1, 2019

Krista and Melissa are wonderful. I have really enjoyed taking there classes. As a beginner they provide instruction as well as push you to have a great workout.  They studio is welcoming to all levels of experience. Krista is responsive to any calls or emails.  I am glad I found his studio and   I look forward to my next class.

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