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Mar 6, 2021

I have a larger body, a bulging disc in my lower back, & exercise induced asthma.  I could get an inhaler, but it's expensive, I would have to take it every day, & I have discovered that if I don't mind being out of breath the first few times I do something, my lungs get used to the activity.  I'm writing all that as a preface to say that in every yoga studio I have been to, someone eventually made a comment or gave me a look for things like: being fat, having three blocks & a towel, keeping my legs wide in chair & warrior, not wearing special "yoga" clothes, getting out of breath when I decide to push myself and heal my lungs, sweating in a hot room.  People in Lancaster County generally treat me like I'm a dalit, but at West End Yoga, I haven't just been tolerated & not given disparaging looks.  I've been made to feel welcome.

West End Yoga Lancaster LLC comment

Rebecca, thank you so very much for sharing your experiences- We hope that you find wellness with Yoga as an addition to your your life.  We are also very happy that you feel Welcome in Our Studio!  We love love love having you with us in Our Community.  Continue to bring that smile and upbeat attitude- it brightens our day!

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Feb 24, 2021

While slightly unsure what to expect, I decided to try Tai Chi on February 8th and would do it again. The class size was small with only three people.

It was a good class and if you struggle with a move, Jon is helpful at guiding your adjustment and connecting diaphragm breath with each sequence.

West End Yoga Lancaster LLC comment

We are glad you had a good experience!  Jon is very experienced and a passionate instructor.  Thank you for leaving a review David!

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Dec 20, 2020

I love the diversity of this Studio- no matter what one's practice includes they can find something here to meet them as they are and where they want to grow.