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Tracy Noh, a former gymnast and frantic gym-rat, was
introduced to yoga and meditation in graduate school. Tracy’s
professor would lead a few minutes of mindfulness and simple yoga
poses to re-energize tired, stressed students during long evening
lectures, a practice that Tracy found surprisingly impactful. With
a new appreciation for slowing down to enjoy the present moment,
Tracy began to weave yoga into her gym routines and experienced
profound improvements in both her mental and physical well-being,
and found a mind-body connection that she never knew existed.
Tracy believes that the practice of yoga and meditation, with
careful attention to alignment and breath, increases strength and
flexibility not just physically, but also to balance and connect
the physical body to its mind and soul. Her teaching style is
thoughtful and accessible to all levels, rooted in the belief that
a balanced practice can only be built through openness,
consistency, and patience.
Tracy earned her teaching certification in New York City from
Yoga to the People and Jared McCann Yoga, also serving as the
Program Coordinator for the very first Jared McCann Yoga Teacher
Training, helping develop and grow the program from when it was
just a tiny seed!

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