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Jami Marsoun

Jami's yoga journey began in 1998 when a friend introduced her to yoga. Since then, she has studied and practiced with teachers in various schools of yoga including Anusara, Vinyasa, Bikram, and Iyengar yoga. She has been teaching yoga since 2008m and in 2009, Jami opened Yoga in Columbia, a yoga studio in Columbia Illinois. She recently closed the studio in order to focus less on running a business and more on offering quality classes and having time to pursue other interests.

Throughout her life, Jami has loved finding creative expression through painting, drawing, cooking, and decorating. She has painted murals for friends and family for years, and in the yoga studios where she has practiced. She loves to transform a room into something magical with paint.
In one way or another, Jami has been a teacher throughout her career, ranging from teaching in a 1st grade classroom to board rooms in the corporate training field. In 2007, with the support of her amazing family, Jami left corporate life behind to pursue a simpler, more authentic lifestyle. Jami now loves her small-town life with her husband Brian and daughter Emma, good friends, and fellow yogis.

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