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Featured review
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Orlando, FL
May 29, 2018
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Lokah & C Curameng

Since 2001, they have been both the directors and the minds
behind the award-winning yoga studio, College Park Yoga. Their
consistent dedication of maintaining a pleasant space for students
to practice was awarded with 14 Best Of Orlando’s & Best of the
Region awards.   They have helped thousands of yoga
students heal from sports injuries, illnesses, and have helped
transform their students lives through guiding them confidently on
the path towards an authentic yoga practice. Students and yoga
teachers from across the Southeast travel to their yoga studio in
Orlando, FL to learn their unique and gentle
step-by-step approach towards a yoga system that is usually
considered rigid.
They are also co-authors and designers of the yoga and raw-food
recipe book, BURN 33 Days of Raw®.  Together they created the
yoga system of Liquid Fire Yoga® to maintain the integrity of the
authentic yoga discipline.   Their focus is educating
yoga students and teachers on the therapeutic work of yoga. 
They train students on postural alignment, conscious food practice,
the deep breath work (pranayama) and on how these disciplines alter
the emotional and physical space to prepare one for deep meditation
Under their powerful and kind guidance you will feel balanced
and intrinsically encouraged to develop a profound and devotional
yoga discipline.  Their unending effort of serving humanity
through the teachings of yoga, motivates and inspires them and
their studio’s community,  to also help others understand the
work of yoga beyond the poses.  Practicing under their
guidance is a sure bet you will learn more about yourself and yoga
than you ever thought possible before.

PM New Year's Day Yoga '20
AM Thanksgiving Day Yoga '19

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Featured review

Featured review
5 5 5 5 5
Orlando, FL
May 29, 2018
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