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Hailing from Ottawa, Jaimée works as a registered yoga teacher, independent dance artist and writer in Toronto. She loves to travel, cook, colour, paint, sing, day dream and move. Her goals include learning how to ride a bike with no hands and successfully growing a garden. Having trained professionally as a dancer and having studied a great deal of anatomy, she eagerly explores the mind, body, spirit connection, and self-awakening that yoga offers. She continues to study and integrate various movement techniques into her yoga classes. Jaimée aspires to offer her students the tools to cultivate an integrated practice, to develop their ability to move with respect and integrity for their structure, and help them find a peaceful physicality as well as love and appreciation for their individual self. She passionately enables people to find happier, healthier and pain free ways of living, through a regular yoga practice. She leads a strong and fluid Vinyasa style class that integrates a variety of movement principles from the Axis Syllabus, creative sequences and lots of variations throughout. Jaimée values a fun and freeing practice, filled with breath and movement. She encourages her students to cultivate peace and balance, and discover their individual means of creative expression through self-inquiry.

Her teaching and her practice are inspired by a variety of individuals including Don and Amba Stapleton, Sarah Tacey, J-P Tamblyn-Sabo, Frey Faust and Kenny Pearl. She has met wonderful people through yoga and dance, and credits these positive and inspiring individuals to have nurtured her to be kinder to herself. She continues to learn what it means to truly listen, what the benefits are of thinking positively, and how setting goals implements the changes she would otherwise only dream of. She chooses to love. She chooses to appreciate every moment. She chooses the positive thought. She promises to connect to the people in her community and nurture the relationships in her life; to get active every day for the simple joy of movement; to take notice of the beauty that surrounds her and exercise the muscle of awareness to tune in to the movement within; to remain curious and continue to learn; and finally, to share her love for movement and yoga.

Jaimée currently teaches throughout the city of Toronto and works as a news writer for The Dance Current magazine.

PM VIRTUAL - Vinyasa L1
AM VIRTUAL - Vinyasa L1

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