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Aug 28, 2023

Kelly R.

My name is Kelly Roethle and I have been doing cryotherapy at Western Racquet for 3 months now. I go every single day, except for Sunday (but only because they don't offer it on Sunday (yet lol), otherwise I would definitely be there every day of the week because it has been helping me!) Here's my story... I have a rare form of arthritis that caused me to have a double knee replacement at the age of 45! The surgery didn't go well, and I had every complication in the book, followed by nerve damage and severe pain ever since. I've tried everything possible to help with the pain but nothing really helps and I won't take narcotics or pills. I have found that the cryotherapy helps me! It has drastically reduced the inflammation and swelling in my knees! It definitely helps me with pain. And I can tell when I miss a day, so I do go every day, and it actually feels good! If you do some research you will find that. Also has other great health benefits, and I have noticed some positive changes in my body like a little weight loss and firmer skin which is a total bonus because that's not why I went at all, I did it because it's natural and drug free and wanted to see if it would help me with my pain and it totally does! Please give it a try. If you have any type of pain! It really works! It definitely helps me. I've actually had a few friends and family tell me that my knees actually look " more like knees" since I have started cryotherapy! And the staff is so nice at Western Racquet! I highly recommend!