Inman Recreation Commission and Wellness Center

Wellness Center  in Inman , KS

404 South Main PO Box 366
Inman , KS , 67546
  • Wellness Center in Inman, KS
  • Wellness Center in Inman, KS
  • Wellness Center in Inman, KS
  • Wellness Center in Inman, KS
  • Wellness Center in Inman, KS
  • Wellness Center in Inman, KS

Inman Recreation Commission and Wellness Center

Get directions 404 South Main PO Box 366
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Inman , KS , 67546
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The Inman Wellness Center opened its doors in February of 2006, when the dream of many members in this community worked to achieve became a reality. Volunteers spent countless hours planning, meeting, and working to open the doors of this facility.

In 2010 the wellness center joined forces with the Inman Recreation Commission since both entities had the same goal to continue to promote our community members to be active.  The dream continues today and has become so much more; as the wellness center now hosts a wide array of activities and classes including Indoor Cycling, Zumba, Keeping Fit, Revelation Wellness Classes, Fascination Method classes, competitive and recreational gymnastics, and various other health events and extracurricular classes.  The Inman Wellness Center is a well-maintained, clean facility with excellent equipment in our strength training and cardio rooms.  Members enjoy the hometown convenience while our student athletes benefit from our excellent facility.

            We take great pride in the strides we have taken to promote health and wellness within our community and want to continue to do so.  Through the continued support of the community and growing memberships, we will strive to continue to build healthier minds, bodies, and spirits. 

Facility Features

Cardio Room Includes: 

5 Lifefitness Treadmills

2 Precor EFX Ellipticals

1 Life Fitness 9500XR Elliptical

2 Life Fitness Recumbent Bicycles


Summit Trainer

Arc Trainer

Life Fitness Weight Machines


Row Machine

Cable Cross-over Machine

Weight Room includes:

7 Performance Single-Station

Preacher Curl Bench

Multi-purpose Area includes:

Free standing Boxing Bag


Yoga Balls (Variety of sizes)

Medicine Balls (variety of weights)

Bosu Ball

Male and Female Shower Facilities

Child Play Area


Business Hours *

Wellness Center HOURS*

8am - 9pm
8am - 9pm
8am - 9pm
8am - 9pm
8am - 7:30pm
8am - 12pm
* Holiday Schedules Vary - Please contact us for more info