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Full Spectrum Quantum Wellness

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  • 2:00pm - 12:00am UTC
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Aug 13, 2023

Ellen P.

I love coming to this Full Spectrum EE Systems location! I live in Ct and there are several in my state or close by in RI, however, I feel there's no comparison and it's worth it to my friend and me to come here, pay for a hotel, and get in as many hours as we are able to in 2 days. The people that work in Verona are all so kind and accommodating, and when we arrive it's like seeing old friends! I feel that Full Spectrum exemplifies the original intention of Dr. Michael, who wanted the cost kept down so that people could afford to utilize it for their healing. I am so grateful for their packages for seniors/veterans, and I see other locations run periodic specials but none of them offer such a generous discount on a regular basis. Another reason that we love Full Spectrum is that it's got 24 units and only 7 chairs. We've tried other 24 unit locations closer to our homes and they have many more chairs in big rooms. To me they just don't feel the same. We are only able to come 2-3 times a year for our back-to-back 7-8 total hour sessions, but we always leave feeling as if we've shifted and we experience a different healing whenever we complete our sessions. Anyone who is on their spiritual healing path knows that clearing and healing is not easy! Last time it completely healed a plantars wart that my friend had been plagued with on her foot for many years. She had tried everything to rid herself of it and nothing else helped. After her session while soaking her feet in sea salt she realized it was gone! I've had edema in my left ankle since Christmas, with it being swollen to the point of hanging over my shoe and being very painful. My cardiologist has had me wearing a compression sock to help control it. Since our session last week it hasn't swollen at all! We were in the car in traffic for over 5 hours for the drive home, and that alone would normally have made it really swell up. There's many more improvements as well, but I dont want to write a book! This location is a rare gem for every reason, and I wish I lived closer to be able to go there on a regular basis. To anyone who may live close to it I would say to cherish and support it, because I haven't found another place like it! Ellen Pavent Groton, Ct.