LJ's Fitness

Health Club  in Womelsdorf , PA

102 North 3rd Street
Womelsdorf , PA , 19567
Health Club in Womelsdorf, PA

LJ's Fitness

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Womelsdorf , PA , 19567
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In 1989 LJ’s Fitness opened with the goal of sharing Lynn’s love for fitness with others.

Today, Lynn, her husband Tim, and the LJ’s Fitness staff are able to meet the needs of anyone interested in fitness: whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey (no matter what your age or level of fitness), are a regular at the gym or are an experienced athlete that wants to get to the next level, LJ’s Fitness is able to help you reach your goals!

Lynn and Tim bring over 35 years of fitness experience (body building, power lifting, yoga, endurance training, martial arts training and nutrition certifications) to work with their clients. Lynn, Tim and their staff are dedicated to creating a community where everyone feels welcomed and equipped to meet their goals.

We’re just the right size – not so big that you get lost in the shuffle and big enough that you have EVERYTHING that you need to succeed!

“Fitness” isn’t just about how much weight you can lift, how fast or far you can run; it’s about being the best “You” that you can be. Join us today, become part of the LJ’s family, and be part of “Building a healthier community.”

Do everything in Love.


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