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team member since June 2021


My Why:

I have always liked challenging myself, learning and improving, as well as passing my learnings and experiences on to help others. Being a peer tutor in school helping classmates, a hockey referee helping newer referees, using skills developed during my career helping out on our school council as well as our Community Association are all situations I have found rewarding in that I learn things myself while helping others. As a clevercanines client going way back with our first dog I learned a whole lot and experienced great results; seeing how clevercanines also learned, evolved, and improved in the elapsed time before again being a client with our second dog, I began to think we shared some similar character traits. When I found out they were looking for instructors, the opportunity to learn and think more about our dog while helping others get results with theirs at clevercanines was an opportunity I could not pass up.


My Advice:

I think that it would be great if we didn’t think of classwork and the associated homework as work, but rather opportunities to build our relationship with, to interact with, to just be together with our dogs. 

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