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team member since February 2012


My Why:

clevercanines training inspired me long before I’d met anyone that actually worked for the program. Two of my best friends had just finished the core program and the change in the relationship they had with their dog and the trust he had in them lead me to take my dog through core in 2010.

My dog Eddy was a very high energy dog in his youth. I was often frustrated and I couldn’t understand why running with him for hours everyday didn’t give him enough exercise. clevercanines taught me how to train my dog in a way that was meaningful to both of us and the relationship we achieved through that process has made him one of the best pieces of my life.

I love seeing people and dogs learn together and learning to trust one another. One of the reasons I still work for clevercanines is the commitment that the whole company has to helping people have the relationship they want with their dog, now, and throughout their lives together.


My Advice:

The one thing I think changes people’s experience with their dog is helping them to learn inhibition control through patience training. Getting your dog to use their mental energy to be patient tires them out in a way that physical exercise cannot. The combination of exercise with patience training is key.

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