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team member since November 2016


My Why:

I applied to clevercanines after I had taken pupstart with my dog Elsa and loved it. I learned so much that I wanted to continue. I think my original “why” was simply my love of dogs and the want to be part of a company that wanted to be the best it could be. While that hasn’t gone away, I think my “why” has evolved. Now I go to work because I want to help people have the best lives possible with their dogs. Through education and encouragement, I hope clients leave my class feeling confident and motivated to continue their training journey with their pup. 


My Advice:

It takes work! It takes a lot of commitment to be the owner of a dog you can experience life fully with – and a lot of that work is time and the effort of understanding your dog and how their brain works. Because we have the ability to do that, but our dogs don’t. So, the work you put in to better understand your dog is so worth it – and it shouldn’t end once you leave a training class!

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