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team member since June 2021


My Why:

I found clevercanines before I had my puppy and promptly fell in love with their training style and philosophy that emphasized understanding and working with your dog. Even before I started my pupstart class I was calling them up for advice about all the curveballs my dog Atlys was throwing at me! They were incredibly understanding and patient with my questions, which is when I knew I made the right choice. Now working here, it is my goal for every client to feel as supported as I did in each step of their journey. 

Mostly, I work with the puppies here, which can be a bit of a handful. But! Being able to help owners work through challenges, early socialization, and confidence building, makes it all worth it!  Seeing puppies achieve the little wins and watching them grow, is what it is all about.


My Advice:

Early socialization can go further than you expect!  Though every dog is different, we see socialization as a consistent factor in the development and confidence as your puppy grows.  Though puppies are very cute they aren't easy.  Learning how to communicate, establish boundaries, and create trust with them takes time and patience (and maybe a few setbacks!) but the freedom you gain is well worth the effort.

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