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Elizabeth Rivera

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Elizabeth grew up dancing and performing hula (Hawaiian dance) from a very young age. After leaving the islands to pursue school, she discovered other dance forms and grew to realize the universal nature of dance – that no matter what language one speaks, dance is a language that everyone can understand. Before settling in New England, she lived in Spain and in the former Soviet Union. After completing her studies, Elizabeth moved to Boston and discovered flamenco dance. She studied with Ramon de los Reyes and soon became a part of his company, The Ramon de los Reyes Spanish Dance Theatre. Like with her hula, Elizabeth performed and taught flamenco, using the dance and its music to share the beauty and complexity of one of Spain’s musical styles and the people who live it. Now living with her family in Pawtucket, she is excited to bring Flamenco dancing to the Rhody Center!

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