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$16 For Your 1st Class (New Client Offer)- 30 day expiration date



Number of Session(s)
1 Month
Access to Sessions

Pole Transitions & Fluidity (Intermediate), Pole Splits & Tricks 101 (Beginner-Mid Level Beginner), Sexy Flexy Poleography 1/2 (Mid Beginner-Intermediate), Pole FUNdamentals 101-ALL LEVELS (Climb/Sit/Spin), Pole Fox 1 (Mid Level Beginner-NO NEW BEGINNERS PLEASE), Cardio Core (Abs), Sexy Legs (Legs/Butt/Thighs/Core), Foxy Boxing (Cardio-HIIT), Aerial Hammocks (Intro/Beginner), Pole Combos (Intermediate), Pole Zone-Low Flow/Floorwork (Mid Beginner-Intermediate), Glutes & Abs (Butt/Core), Shape & Sculpt (Arms/Core/Butt), Tank Top Tone (Arms/Back/Chest/Core), Tight & Right (Abs & Thighs), Foxy Rear (Buns & Thighs), Aerial Conditioning (All Levels), Sexy Stiletto Dance (Heels Dance), Rev & Sweat (Cardio/Body Sculpting), Sexy Sling-Aerial Hammocks (Beginner), Pole Splits & Tricks 1 (Mid Level Beginner-Intermediate), Wild Card Friday w/ Princess Jae, Aerial Hammocks 2 (Mid Level Beginner-Intermediate), Aerial Silks (Intro-Beginner), Aerial Lyra Tricks/Conditioning 2 (Mid-Level Beginner-Intermediate), Aerial Silks 1 (Mid Level Beginner-Intermediate), Aerial Lyra 1 (Intro-Beginner), Foxy Circuit- (Interval Strength Training Session), Twerk & Tone (Cardio Dance & Booty Sculpting), Twerk Dat (Pole & Twerk)-All Levels, Chair Fit (Cardio Dance/Body Sculpting), Aerial Hammock Flow 1 (Beginner-Mid Level Beginner), Pole Tricks 2 (Intermediate), Pole Inversions 1 (Mid Level Beginner-Intermediate), Pole Tricks 2/3 (Mid Level Intermediate-Beginner Advanced), Pole Fox 2 (Intermediate), Twerk Dat 1 (Pole & Twerk)- Mid Level-Intermediate, Pole Flex 2 (Mid Level Beginner-Intermediate), Pole Fox 2/3 (Intermediate-Beginner Advanced), Intro to Pole Tricks (Beginner), Slow Yoga Flow (All Levels), Pole Intro (New Beginner's Only), Pole Strength (All Levels), Pole Tricks 1/2 (Mid Intermediate-Intermediate), Pole Flex 1 (Beginner-Mid Beginner)


Try a class for $16! This purchase is valid for any of our in-studio classes. So come on in and #GETFOXY. Fine Print: Expires 30 days after purchase Excludes: Online classes, Foxy Fit Camp, Workshops and Parties. Purchase is non refundable