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NEW CLIENTS! 3 Classes for $66



Number of Session(s)
1 Month
Access to Sessions

Pole Seduction, Chair Flow (Lapdance), Pole Virgins (Beginner), Gutts & Butts (All levels), Twerk It Out (All levels), FloorWaxers (All levels), Handsprings & Things (Advance), Sensual Pole Flow, Media Tricks, Sensual Pole (All levels), Lyra Newbies, Pole Conditioning, Slow & Sensual Pole (All levels), Tricks & Transitions, Pole + Twerk, Spinny Flow (Int/Adv), Twerk N Tone, Slow Motion (Floor & Pole), Twerk & Chair, Poletensity (Pole Cardio/Conditioning), Floorgasm (All levels), Beginner Tricks, Booty Up (Learn to Invert & Mount), Low Flow, Spinny Conditioning (Spinning pole), Pole & Chair (All levels)


Attend any 3 classes (dance, fitness, lyra or pole) for only $66 (Value worth $84) Duration: 30 days Save $18!

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