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Number of Session(s)
1 Week
Access to Sessions

Harry's Farewell Coffee Ride, Akuna Bay from the park, 2 Star General - Birriga & Cranbrook, Coogee & Clovelly Loops, Hour of Power, Reverse Eastern Subs Hills Loop, West Head Super Set, Watsons 3 Sisters, Cronulla loop, West Head ITT, Lapa Taper ride, Glenorie Ride - Drive and Ride, Bike Skills, Steady RNP, CP 3 Sisters, Kurnell, FTP INTERVALS 4 x 10, 3 x 12 mins @ Race Pace with 8 mins recoveries, 3 x 5 mins Sub Threshold plus 5 x 1 mins @ 100-105% FTP, Taper for NSW Club Champs, Cent Park Intervals, Monday Run, Heffron Session, Active Recovery Ride, Ride south, RNP - Helensburgh & back through RNP, RNP - Bundeena, No Drop RNP / Bundeena, Helensburgh Ride, Sublime Ride, Bald Hill and Return, Sublime (Double) Ride, RNP with left hand turns, Akuna Bay - drive and ride, Gorges Ride, Zoe2dot panic hill training, MP Sunday Run, Long Local Ride, Drive & Ride (North Turramurra), 16km TT, Cruising Thursday Squad Ride, Como + Waterfall + back through RNP, 5 Star Hills, Barracks and Mons Av, Run Speed session, Cat Ears, Race Sim @ Kurnell, East Hills Ride, Kurnell Longer Ride - 4+ hours, 3 or 5km TT, Saturday "Local" Ride, Bellevue du Alps, 3 $itches, RNP - In Waterfall - Out Audley, 70.3 & IM CP Taper Session, MP Chop, 3T (Torrington Triple Threat), Ironman Overshoot Ride - 200km +, Fast Thursday Squad Ride, Cent Park 2 x 7, 6, 5km Loops, No Drop - Waterfall, P1 Full Gaz Thursday, Port 70.3 / IM Taper Spin, RNP Ride, Run Club - Greenhouse Cafe - Centennial Park, Waterfall Ride, Saturday Swim @ PAP Pool, A big day out, Heffron Cornering and handling skills, MP Amazing Race(Dec 9, 2023 - Dec 9, 2023)


New member to MP can test out unlimited ride and run squad sessions for 1 weeks.