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Debbie  Hedges

Debbie Hedges


WE No Longer Participate in  Groupon

WE No Longer Participate in Groupon

 I opened Total Body 3D because I wanted to offer more than a show case body to my clients. I wanted to offer them a vision of what their life could be like as they become more fit and healthy, no matter what their circumstance. I work from the motto of, " Start where you are and get better every day."      Competing with someone else just breeds frustrating and failure. But being able to see your own ability to change your life, your circumstances is the key to leaving an old, unfit lifestyle behind and embracing all that you can be.            My methods aren’t conventional. But I have seen much success teaching my clients to see outside the box that society creates for us. Finding the real you, all that you can be, in health, fitness and personal best is change that stays with you for the rest of your life.So if you are tired of just trying to reach you goals and are ready to get off that hamster wheel of fitness, come and give us a try.My certicifications areBlackbelt Tang Soo Do, TRX Suspension Training, TRX Group Suspension Training,TRX Sports Medicine Training, Certified Zumba Instructor, Urbankick, Personal Training Older Adult Fitness, Silversneakers I and II, Size-sensitive training for overweight clients,Yogafit 1,2,3,4,5 and seniors, PIYO Certification,R.I.P.P.E.D Certified, Drums Alive!

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