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Aerial/CIRCUS Class (No apparatus)

--No Equipment included-- you must bring your own.

PS: We sell used and new Hammock/apparatus, check the equipment category at the our store. or email us on

Expires After one month of purchasing.
No refunds will be issued for cancellations, No rescheduling less than 48 hours in advance.

Purchase Option type
Access to Sessions
Number of Sessions
Purchase Option type: Session Pass
Access to Sessions: Aerial Yoga Core: Open Level (semi-Private), Aerial Yoga: Level 1 (Semi-Private), Aerial Yoga: Level 2 (Semi-Private), Aerial Yoga: Level 2/3, Aerial Yoga: Level 3, Lyra: Open Level (Semi-private), CIRCUS Silks: Intermediate/Advanced, CIRCUS Single Point Hammock: Open Level, CIRCUS Silks: Open Level, Silks: Level 2 & Up (Semi Private), Aerial Dance: Open Level (Semi-private), Hammock Playground: L2 & Up (Semi Private), Aerial Dance: Level 2 & Up (Semi-private), Silks: Open Level (Semi Private), Silks: Level 1 (Semi Private), Lyra: Level 1 (Semi-private), Aerial Yoga: Level 3 (Semi-Private), Lyra: Level 2 & up (Semi-private), Lyra: 101 (Semi-private), Hammock Playground: L1 (Semi Private)
Number of Sessions: 1
Duration: 1 month
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