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Positively Fit
Small Group Training Trial
Small Group Training Trial

Enjoy the benefits of working with a personal trainer for much less than one on one sessions!
** HUGE SAVINGS!  Regular Group Training drop-in fee $18-$20 per class

  • Group Training offers great variety in each workout with plenty of motivation!

  • Safety is number one! Our trainers will modify movements to accommodate people of all fitness levels.
    • Workouts are total body including Cardio intervals, Core, strength, flexibility components.

  • Small Group training Includes HIIT , Boxing, and Weight lifting classes.

  • Enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow teammates!

Also Included:
** Complimentary Fitness Consultation ; Get your measurements done, learn some fitness & nutrition basics, ask questions!
This is YOUR TIME with a fitness coach!

During this trial you may use the gym, showers at any time.
Also includes Group Fitness classes such as Zumba, Toning, & Stretching.

  • new client special ; non renewable

Purchase Option type
Access to Sessions
Number of Sessions
Purchase Option type: Time-Based Pass
Access to Sessions: Client can attend all current and future classes
Number of Sessions: Unlimited
Duration: 2 weeks
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