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Rejuvenation Yoga Retreat
Rejuvenation Yoga Retreat

Dates: November 27 - 29, 2020
Place: Katoomba, NSW, Australia
Price: - $390 (before 1/10/2020 and $450 after)

Yoga, Qigong, delicious pranic food and a lot of fresh air.. What can heal you better in the Spring?
The retreat program will facilitate joy and release of stress that will boost the performance of digestive and immune systems.

Included in the price:
 twin share accommodation for two nights
 two Yoga classes daily
 one or two Qigong classes
 two delicious healthy meals daily
 participate in Detox Vegetarian food preparation as a part of our healthy lifestyle coaching program.

The classes are suitable for all levels and any experience in yoga.
Tailored to the present group, our classes are all unique and result oriented, safe and efficient. Yoga retreats are the best opportunity for you to shift your practice to the next level.
By the end of this Yoga journey, you will have your body-mind vehicle juicy and crispy as a car after good detailing (-:

We will treat you with our fabulous Organic Vegetarian dishes - all cooked by us at the place. You will have an opportunity to participate in preparation of dishes and learn the recipes and skills.
You will boost your health and immunity with delicious healthy food prepared for you with love.

The comfortable two-storey house within 500m from Three Sisters yet nestled in a quiet area is a perfect place for your quantum leap to the next level!

Type: Event
Period: Nov 27, 2020 - Nov 27, 2020
Number of Sessions: 1
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