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Barre- Lates (Barre and Pilates) with Ryann
Barre- Lates (Barre and Pilates) with Ryann

This Combo Class is presented by visiting Pilates and Barre instructor, Ryann Pinkerton (There are 2 other events - check them out!) As social distancing cannot be practiced when we are at the barre, masks will be worn in and out of the studio, but also at the barre. Matwork will not require masks, as mats will be 6 feet apart. Please register ahead to secure your spot. 8 people maximum for this class.

This fusion class will incorporate aspects of Barre and Pilates for an upbeat full body workout. The class consists of a set of songs choreographed to target different body parts to give you a well rounded and fun class. All the alignment principles of Pilates are used in the standing and mat work, but no experience is necessary. Best for anyone who feels comfortable in a moderate level workout class.

Ryann is a Lafayette native now living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a certified Pilates teacher, and a lover of all things movement! She started her movement journey at LSU where she helped to create the Physical Theatre and aerial silks programs. She performed locally and internationally on stage and in the air before falling in love and moving to Canada. Her desire to know more about the human body led her to the Stott Pilates curriculum because of its in-depth analysis of movement, and ability to adapt to all bodies. Ryann now teaches Pilates and Barre to help people find ease and joy in their bodies without the constraints of diet culture. Her classes center around connecting to your body and appreciating the amazing things it can do!

Type: Event
Period: Oct 20, 2021 - Oct 20, 2021
Number of Sessions: 1
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